Flash Fiction..

156,000 soldiers heroically stormed the beach at Normandy, facing death head on. And 536 brave astronauts have taken the journey into outer space, unsure if they’ll ever make it home. 30 Greek warriors hid in the Trojan Horse, with no knowledge of what they would face in the city of Troy.

Yet here I am, scared to talk to the girl working behind the checkout…


Bit of a different post today! I’ve been reading a lot of flash fiction recently (prose between 50 and 100 words on average) and really enjoying it! I’ve come across some hilarious ones, and have also found it’s a really great platform for horror, which I might try myself at some point. But for now I’ve gone for a slightly whimsical piece, half comedy half tragedy and 100% reality most likely! I hope you enjoyed it, I may post some more creative writing soon!

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