Two Door Cinema Club // Utrecht TivoliVredenburg // 28/02/2017

I first saw Two Door Cinema Club at Ally Pally in 2013, arguably in their prime, and I remember it being a super energetic affair. Four years on and I’m now 21, so I was more than grateful to find a spot against the upper balcony where I could watch the action unfold and sip a beer.

First things first, the support bands were maybe the stars of this show. Before TDCC took to the stage, an Aussie band called Parcels played. I’d not given them a listen before, and their dancey style of music was a refreshing listen which took me by surprise. They started off with an instrumental song which I felt took inspiration from Chic, sounding a fair bit like ‘Good Times’. The whole set kept this feel good momentum and it was a great way to open a show. Next up was a band called Blaenavon who I’d previously noticed creeping on to my ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist on Spotify quite frequently. These were really good. Proper indie rock, with great vocals, great stage presence and great tunes.

Then it was TDCC time, and they came on to a warm welcome, kicking straight off with two first-album tracks. And this is my biggest observation about the show- The songs off the new album sank without a trace. The crowd went from energetic thrashing to slight bobbing every time one was played. I don’t know if this is a Netherlands thing and maybe the new songs are more well received elsewhere but in this country they were just an unwanted distraction before a first or second album song. I’m writing about the live show, so I won’t go into the new album too much, but I’m not a fan, yet I was still intrigued to see the new songs performed live and I feel the crowds total lack of care for them was telling. How long can a band survive from previous successes? I guess their next album will be very important for them!img_2465

The show, all in all, was great and a nice trip down memory lane. I do love a nice nostalgia act and I think considering their first album was released seven years ago, when I was 14 they count as one for me now. I won’t go out of my way to see them again, but they certainly made for a decent night out!

Thanks for reading!


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