My Top 5 Must Visit Places Before I Die

First things first, it felt really weird writing ‘before I die’ in the title. I’m not sure I’ve ever typed it before. ANYWAY. I’ve got loads of places I really want to visit but for the purpose of this post I thought I’d condense them down to my top 5!

5. Red Rocks Amphitheatre- Colorado, USAredrocks

How awesome does this place look. It’s sculpted into the side of the rocks with crazy views and I can’t imagine a better place to see a band. Just browsing through the ‘upcoming shows’ portion of the website, I can see it plays host to some great bands and has done continuously.I can’t imagine there’s a bad view from anywhere which makes quite a difference from standing in flipping Wembley Arena!  It’s the perfect place to combine my love for music and my want to travel more, so Red Rocks definitely makes it into my top 5. One day I WILL go!

4.  Machu Picchu- Perutop-destinations-machu-picchu-1

It isn’t the most original place to want to visit, I know, but its not hard to see why so many people want to go here! It looks incredible! I have a real thing for mountains and I don’t think there are many more impressive things in nature, so to have so much Incan history on top of one just looks like such a great experience. Wikipedia tells me it was built around 1450 and I’m always amazed by such old constructions. I recently went to Rome and the history there blew me away, so I can only imagine how it would feel to visit Machu Picchu.

3. Niagara Falls- Canada


Probably quite a common one on the wishlist too, but maybe not so much from the Canadian side? I guess from the USA you can visit New York as part of your trip but I have no real ambition to visit New York, whilst Canada as a whole tickles my pickle a great deal more. I’ve heard pictures do the Falls no justice and they are truly breathtaking in real life. A real see-it-to-believe sort of place, and there is something so mesmerising about watching flowing water as it is. A helicopter tour over them, or a boat tour like in the photo, I’m sure, would be fantastic.

2. Seoul, South Korea


As far as different cultures go, Asia looks like an absolute treasure chest of interest, but one place in particular that stands out is Seoul. Throughout my year on study abroad I’ve been lucky enough to befriend a few native South Koreans and hearing their stories and perspectives is fascinating. From my experiences, I haven’t heard of many people eager to visit this city, yet from all I’ve heard and researched I can’t imagine why! It’s a full on incredible city yet houses temples, juxtaposing the pop culture that’s so rife. A really interesting mashup of past and present.

1. To See The Northern Lights, Iceland


In at number 1 is probably my most easily achievable and affordable of my wishlist. I HAVE to see the Northern Lights someday, even if it means repeat visits to Iceland or the like. (It’s a hard life) I’ve seen friends photos in Iceland sitting on top of aeroplane wrecks in the middle of a snowy landscape, or of waterfalls frozen solid. I feel like the word phenomenal was probably made solely for Iceland and its aurora borealis. I’m super keen to go, and as soon as I can muster up the funds its a real priority. Plus who doesn’t love a bit of snow!

Thanks for reading- feel free to let me know your experiences of these places, or let me know where is in your top 5!

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