My Take On The PewDiePie Hysteria

It’s been pretty much impossible to avoid the news today that PewDiePie has been dropped by Disney, due to a video he posted where he paid two Asian men to hold up a sign saying ‘Death to all Jews’. Out of context this obviously sounds disgusting- anti-Semitic or at the very least in very poor taste. I watched said video, however, and didn’t really find it to be so offensive. To take offence is a choice of course; some may find it hilarious satire, but yet it’s not surprising massive corporations like Disney and YouTube want to distance themselves from this sort of behaviour. Because really, the most disturbing part is how Felix is using his money, (someone with an estimated net worth around $60 million) to degrade those who need money just to scrape a living. In the video he mocks these people who are willing to do whatever for whatever price, whilst throwing money at them and degrading them further through his choice of offensive message. He’s essentially shamelessly exploiting those poorer than himself to earn an easy buck on YouTube and I think that is what is far more distasteful about the video. I fully understand and see the argument that these people are also out for a quick buck.. A fiver for a 30 second video, a fiver for a quick drawing.. but these people aren’t wealthy and privileged like Felix, nor are they really a perfect ‘satirical example’ of a get-rick-quick society. But hey, a guy who raked in something like 12 million last year alone isn’t really going to care what anyone thinks is he? 

Thanks for reading!


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