Chapter One…

So I don’t particularly know how to start a blog, so this is going to be an interesting attempt. I’m wanting this to be my expressive outlet, so whenever I feel I have something to say this is where I’ll write it. About anything. I’m lacking some sort of direction but surely that’s the best way to start this? By not restricting my writing who knows what drivel I may come up with! Woo! Exciting times ahead for this blog- I am sure! So Please stick around! Maybe a quick bit about me before I finish this painfully short piece.. I’m a 21 year old Literature student currently studying abroad for a year in the Netherlands which is really cool and I’m trying to see as much of Europe as possible whilst I’m here. So maybe expect some travel-esque pieces- I’m going to Romania at the weekend. Who knows? Oh, and here’s a picture of me against the Lennon wall in Prague! THANKS FOR READING!14670744_10210689502772050_6892271780821192498_n (1).jpg

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